Of Sinners and Saints

Lead Me Not Away From Temptation

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  • Darke Phoenixe
I am anything you want me to be. Black, White, Red, Green or Blue. My body feels old with age but my mind is that of an interesting, young in life kind of person.

I can be Strange. Or Normal.

I'm a woman who grew up and lives in West Virginia but I can also walk the boulevards of Florida and blend in with the crowd since I've lived and vacationed part of my life with family there for the last thirty plus years.

A lot of what appears in my (unlocked) journal refers to books I’ve read or even perhaps movies I’ve seen. More so with the books because I work part time at the county library and am surrounded by literature.

I also have a full time job working as a medical secretary and usually find myself working at least three twelve hours shifts a week. Needless to say some would call me a work-a-holic but believe me, I truly enjoy my time off away from the jobs.

I appear to be a quote maniac because to be very frank - there are a lot of people that can say what I'm thinking better than I can say it myself. Plus, sometimes things people write and say strikes me as funny as can be and their quotes just need to be repeated and shared.

The locked part of my journal has a deeper level to who I am. Pictures. Tales of family and friends. Work and drama filled gossip of who and what surrounds me. From time to time you'll find a rant when I've just had it with my life and asshats that put me over the edge. Personally, I don't think that happens too often because I'm a water off of ducks' feathers kind of spirit.

Want to get to know me, again, for some people out there on the interwebz, or If you want to get to know me as a new peep in their on-line lives then for all means send a friend invite.

I don't do myspace or facebook but I have discovered Pinterest recently and seem to spend more time pinning than I do journaling.

That's me in a nutshell.

Tada! Bio-complete.