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January 3rd, 2009

The HPV Vaccine Controversy

The HPV vaccine controversy : sex, cancer, God, and politics : a guide for parents, women, men, and teenagers
    Krishnan, Shobha S.

Pub date:2008.
Pages:xiv, 230 p. :

An interesting book that I specifically read to help me decide whether or not this vaccine is something that I should consider for my 12 year old daughter.  After reading the various pro's and con's, which is portrayed in this well written book, I now feel like I have enough of an understanding to be able to talk with my daughter's primary care physician and not get lost in the doctor-speak that I might not have understood prior to reading Dr. Shobha's book. I seriously recommend this book for all parents considering whether or not your child may benefit from this relatively 'new' immunization. ~ VW
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